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Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

seller bodies

sometimes people are very trivial with a street vendor but you should be reluctant to see people like that because he is willing to sell everywhere for a bite of rice. then from the above example we're discussing how to sell street vendors and the like which way to get a lot of profit for memnenuh needs of the person so that the first x is about how we discuss how to determine the place where sales are paliang can produce abundant benefits .. ........... 

then the above conclusion it is obvious that the seller is not very easy that as we see ......... in a story that I've heard that there are merchants who can make money very stout with very little capital use within this we can see from a prostitute he was selling but that she was selling her body to men who nosed because male striped very interested in body wantita. 

then from the story above I will give a statement about a hooker I ever went to the place of prostitution and she said to my brother who wants kesin like what if you want sexy or who want durable, so I answered your matsut what is sexy or a durable . so he said do not understand is not quasi-bang.
he deliberately mengoyang kebadan body-rocking me he too hugged my body and my thanks to the off lh drunk and then he said to me not feel so proud, so from that we went past the dark place she emeluk my body and I held out until the air kemulut and I was immediately sucked air pie in my heart I think good times like this yes gerati already served pulak. 

suddenly there is an incoming sms to my phone, apparently an sms from my friend and I went away from these dark places and stark naked whore I ran sipelacur suddenly said to my pay-dong mas plainly then I pay for what he said to the tadilah. then from this tersebu already clear that there is a seller that we can not dismiss the whore

Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Hotel versatile

hotel business ............. said hotel business is very stout this INDONESIA risks caused his society that often considers that the hotel is a place for free sex, especially hotels that cost less to dredge bag every so often young men and women conduct their relationship in hotel.hal is caused because the hotel is place that can be used and will not happen arrival party or parties responsible for the hotel security and safety have worked together in running the hotel business ..................... .... but the hotel business is very easy to scrape the money that a lot of work because the hotel is an inanimate object that just need peromosi and care to make the hotel as a place to earn money stout. suadah corpulent people are wealthy because of the hotel business hotel business TPI sometimes very stout, especially in the development of his constraint Hali ya is due to a place not according to design. Now we will discuss how where and how to develop the hospitality which makes the hotel as a hotel that can produce a stout money. 

The first thing you have to factor in when establishing the hotel is a place that according to design (in pingir highway) this suapa if there are people who travel from one city to another would be through jlan and if it's late it will be stout people who stay in that place. the second is related to the pasilitas would you give to the visitors who will be staying dihotel you because they will see if pasilitas you provide in accordance with their expectations or not, so no they will not come again to stay at your hotel. The third thing is the issues related to security berkiatan with the atmosphere they will stay in place when the case is very important because once people use the hotel's corpulent sebagia where do relations uncomplimentary primarily engaged sex.mengapa this I lift because the hotel is kebanyan around where I tingal used as a place to do the less praiseworthy. There tidah need to bother with it because you want to shred cuman money from the hotel .............
hopefully this article can help you to get mone

money can be easily

sometimes people think why he is difficult to find a job, but actually people are not hard to find a job but because he did not want to work with sunguh-sunguh lot of people looking for jobs but they do not see that around them so much work to make money.
but there are people who want to work in accordance INDONESIA recording is not in accordance with the wishes of their talents while still a student in college, Indonesia is one country that is growing so stout that could potentially be developed in Indonesia, but Indonesian people always prefer the instant is not working but silent and high salaries to these things are seen from the attitude of residents who like the luxury indonesi and do not want to work hard to earn money.
sometimes people to be able to use the rich natural gaipitulah sebagina view indonesi citizens who often associate the treasure with the devil, tuyul and so forth.
money is an object that is recognized throughout the community that exist in this world as a means of exchange and money is also increasingly being used as a place to determine setatus someone in life.
stout once people commit crimes for money, this happens because everyone wants to be the richest person but sometimes people look for it with no true wealth.
but also can see that people have now is to get money without working hard, and system administration is also greatly affects any amount of money that beredan in the community environment.
because the government is functioning as a provider of employment for its people the amount of money circulating in the community can we count the number of unemployed who exist in the community.
then from the story above, we will discuss bagaai manna how the money quickly and like a man, we see that there are job opportunities in the community
either in government or in wirasuasta said.

The things that we will discuss
  1. pehotelan field 
  2. area savings and loan 
  3. field sales 
  4. the field of credit penyedi 
  5. field services provider 
  6. wirasuasta field 
  7. field of governance 
  8. field in intrnet 
  9. field of long term cooperation 
  10. teransportasi field 
  11. tourism sector 
  12. local cultural sector both in the development of food and dance area